MDC Classroom Challenges Video Library

The Mathematics Design Collaborative (MDC) was developed to support the co-design and implementation of high-quality tools for math instruction. The following videos are intended to help educators better understand the guiding principles behind MDC and its results. For more information, click "download" at right to read the accompanying PDFs ("General videos," which provides an overview of the videos, and "Surfacing Student Errors," which illustrates the power of the formative assessment lessons).


Classroom Challenges: The Power of Students Analyzing Sample Student Work v2


The Importance of Homogeneous Grouping


ESAE – Evaluating Statements About Enlargements: A Teacher Listens


IAE02 – Interpreting Algebraic Expressions High School Students Reflect on the Classroom Challenge


IAE03 – Interpreting Algebraic Expressions Special Educational Needs Students Excel


LOA01 – Introduction Teacher Surfaces Student Error


LOA02 – Students Working on the Collaborative Activity v2


LOA03 – Teacher Gives Feedback to Students


LOA04 – Whole Class Discussion


LOA05 – Teacher Gives More Feedback


LOA06 – Laws of Arithmetic: I Heard It From Myself 


LOA07 – Laws of Arithmetic Mini Conference v2


LOA08 – Laws of Arithmetic: A Teacher Reflects on Enacting a Classroom Challenge


LOA09 – Laws of Arithmetic: Students Reflect on a Classroom Challenge