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What We're Learning: Our First U.S. Education Grand Challenge Phase 1 Grantees

Today, Algebra 1 serves as a gatekeeper, rather than a gateway, to future success. In the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s first ever U.S. education Grand Challenge, we sought to identify partners to design solutions to make Algebra 1 more accessible, relevant, and collaborative for students who are Black, Latino, English Learners, and/or experiencing poverty.
By Jake Ramirez


Four Ways K-12 and Higher Education can Collaborate on Pandemic Recovery

In this post, Sarah Allan shares a unique chance to combat inequities, build on what research shows can work, and keep students on a path to postsecondary success. 

By Sara Allan Director, Early Learning and Pathways


The Relevance of HBCU's in Todays Environment

This Black History Month, I had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Elsie L. Scott, Director of the Ronald W. Walters Leadership & Public Policy Center at Howard University about the value of HBCUs.
By Chloe Louvouezo Senior Communications Officer, Public Engagement and Insights


Low Wage Workers Deserve Attention and Action

Coming into 2020, conventional wisdom held that the United States was enjoying the strongest labor market in a generation. But by what metrics was that determination made?
Ryan Rippel Director, Economic Mobility and Opportunity