Calling All Teachers: Tell Us About a Tool That Works!


To do amazing work, teachers need the best tools. Just as chefs use top-grade knives to create a delicious meal, or doctors rely on accurate, dependable medical equipment to care for patients, great teachers use high-quality tools and curriculum aligned to college- and career-ready standards to help their students succeed.

That’s why we’re putting a call out to all teachers: Tell us—and your colleagues around the country—about a teaching tool and how you use it to make progress with your students! Your story could be featured on our website or Twitter feed. Here’s how you can participate:

  • Make a short (less than 60-second) video about a tool that works for you. Tweet the video using the #ProgressInK12 hashtag, or email the video to [email protected]. See below for an example video submitted by New York teacher and blogger Starr Sackstein (@mssackstein)!
  • Tweet about a tool that works using the #ProgressInK12 hashtag. We encourage you to tweet photos of the tool as well.
  • Write about a tool that works. Send your brief write-up and any images that illustrate your story to [email protected].
  • Please include your name, location, and what you teach when sharing your story. Submit your story by Wednesday, April 27 for a chance to be featured on our digital channels!