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Ensuring all students are prepared to succeed in college and career is at the heart of the Common Core State Standards. As teachers work hard to find ways to help all students reach these expectations, we’re working to ensure that there are high-quality instructional materials available that have been developed by teachers for teachers.

The future is about establishing high and consistent standards and helping teachers find ever more creative ways to meet them.  One of our central investments is the Literacy Design Collaborative (LDC) that focuses on designing high-quality tools to support literacy instruction. [embed][/embed]

And since nobody knows teaching like teachers, the collective effort relied on teacher involvement and feedback to ensure the tools are reflective of the challenges faced in the classroom. The tools are designed to be simple, flexible, and allow teachers to maintain creative license in how and what they teach. And they are helping teachers bring the Common Core to life.

Research confirms these tools are improving teaching practice and resulting in measurable gains in student learning. Teachers who are using these tools say that their kids are doing better work against higher standards, and most agree that they improve instruction. Importantly, we are already seeing an impact on student success.

study of Kentucky classrooms using the LDC tools found that students gained 2.2 months of reading achievement compared to similar students in classrooms not using LDC.

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The Literacy Design Collaborative in Action

“I love LDC because its strong link to the CCSS also encourages my creativity and personal teaching style. LDC zeroes in on template tasks that I affectionately call 'teacher candy.' They make my life easier and support my teaching by providing structure without dictating my content." - Kathy Thiebes, high school social studies teacher in the Centennial School District in Oregon
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