Which Tools and Curriculum Help Teachers Make #ProgressInK12?


In the first part of our Progress in Action campaign, we highlighted inspiring stories of educators who collaborate with their peers, ask their students for feedback on their teaching, and try new approaches to help all students succeed.

These stories demonstrate how resourceful, flexible, and creative teachers are. Every teacher has a toolbox of tried-and-true strategies they use to ensure they’re engaging and supporting their students. But teachers also need the support of high-quality tools and resources aligned to standards that will prepare students for college and career.

That’s why we’ll spend the next few weeks focusing on tools and curriculum that teachers use to make progress happen in schools. Educators and students will share about the tools they love and the ones they’ve helped to create. We’ll look at what makes a tool effective and consider how educators, developers, and others can collaborate to give teachers and students the tools they need.

We also want to hear your perspective on tools and curriculum: Which tools are most useful to you? How do you use resources to help students meet high standards? If you could design a tool to support learning, what would it be? We invite you to share your thoughts using the hashtag #ProgressInK12 and via email to [email protected]. And stay tuned for more exciting opportunities to tell your story in the coming weeks!

Teachers are the experts on teaching and, like all experts, they know what resources they need to do their job well. To continue to make progress, we need to listen to them—and that’s what we’ll do. We hope you’ll join us in celebrating and building on what’s working for teachers, students, and schools around the country.