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When teachers get together, there’s nothing they can’t do. That’s why we’ve supported the creation of a robust community where teachers can build relationships with one another, swap ideas, and share meaningful feedback. Teacher2Teacher is being co-built with teacher leaders to shape a space where teachers can connect to share ideas and resources, support one another, and elevate and celebrate the profession.

Digital and face-to-face activities under Teacher2Teacher help teachers connect and access the valuable expertise of their colleagues. ECET2 (Elevating and Celebrating Effective Teaching and Teachers) helps teachers organize national, regional, and local convenings to inspire colleagues, develop attendees’ leadership potential, and improve the teaching practice to better serve students.  To date, there have been more than 20,000 teachers who have participated in ECET2 convenings across the country.

Online collaborations like #whyiteach are inspiring teachers to share what motivates them through an interactive experience.  We hope you’ll stay up to date—and share what you’re learning—by following the growing T2T Twitter and Facebook communities.


In Their Own Words: Teacher Narratives: In Their Own Words originated from the desire to better understand teachers’ ideas, to hear them describe their experiences in their own voices, unfiltered. We wanted to find out: What are the pressing issues for teachers? What are teachers sharing with one another? What are they commenting on publicly—outside of research questions, focus groups, and private conversations?

If We Build It? Principles for Building Strong Digital Communities: We all envision our field of dreams, places where teachers connect, contribute, and lead. But if we build it, will they come? The principles in this booklet are a guide to creating stronger digital communities with and for teachers. While each is important, practicing them in concert will drive the greatest impact—especially when engaging teacher leaders to underpin your efforts.

Teacher Network Slam Book: We gathered a handful of network partners and teachers for a meeting at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in Spring 2015. Participants were provided with one-page overviews of each network in attendance. Over the course of the day, we noticed teachers pouring over them and asking us, and one another, “How did I not know about this terrific resource?” Their response prompted this catalogue. The foundation partners with many dynamic organizations that network teachers to learn, connect, and lead. And we think you should know about them so that you can connect with their amazing work.