Statement: Release of the Results of IPS

Allan Golston

Statement from Allan Golston, President U.S. Program, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

On the release of the results of the Intensive Partnerships for Effective Teaching study of teacher evaluation

“This report is consistent with many of the findings and trends of the interim report, which was released in 2016. We believe that this work, which originated in ideas that came from the field, led to critical conversations and drove change and partnerships across the country. “Most of all, we want to express our appreciation for the boldness and courage of our partners in this work -- the teachers, administrators, districts, and policy makers who took on the effort to dramatically move the needle forward, by giving teachers the feedback they want and deserve to help them improve the learning experience for students. “We have taken these lessons to heart, and they are reflected in the work that we’re doing moving forward, where we will support the efforts of networks of schools to identify locally driven solutions, rooted in a commitment to the use of evidence and data to improve student outcomes in middle and high schools.”

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