Teacher Appreciation Week: Thanking Teachers Who Believe All Students Can Succeed


Through the Progress in Action campaign, we’re celebrating what works in schools. And no one in schools works harder than the teachers who dedicate every day to helping their students make progress. Teacher Appreciation Week, which begins today, is a time to recognize these teachers for not just for their tireless work but also their unwavering belief in all of their students and their abilities to succeed.

This belief in the potential of all students—regardless of their circumstances—is what unites great teachers. Just take a look at the #whyiteach Twitter feed, in which educators around the world share their motivations for dedicating themselves to teaching, and you’ll see countless reasons like the following:

  • I teach because I want to show my students that there is a whole new life outside their neighborhood.
  • I teach because I want everyone to feel like someone!
  • Because education erases poverty. All kids deserve a positive future.

These tweets make it clear that teachers do what they do because they believe that a great education is a bridge to opportunity for their students.

Throughout this Teacher Appreciation Week, we’ll honor teachers who are building this bridge to opportunity and helping their students achieve more. We’ll tell the stories of teachers who support their students both in and out of the classroom; teachers who expose their students to a world beyond their local community; and teachers who inspire their students to reach for the stars—and engineer rockets to get there.

Teachers like these have a tremendous impact on students’ lives—and our own. Join us this week as we reflect on and thank the great teachers in our lives and around the world who make progress happen.