Schools and students during the COVID 19 outbreak in America: A conversation with Allan Golston

Allan Golston

One of the things this pandemic has done is lay bare all the ways that school is knitted into the fabric of American life. Now that the U.S. education system is operating remotely, what are the biggest challenges you’re seeing for teachers, students, and parents?

Well, right now, roughly 54 million students in the United States are unable to go to school because of the COVID-19 outbreak. That’s about one sixth of the country’s population. So, you’re right, the scale of the disruption is enormous.

With college campuses closing, it means significant challenges for faculty, administrators, and most importantly, for students—many of whom come from low-income backgrounds and might not have places to go that allow them the safety, security and access they need to continue their studies.

It also means that parents of K-12 students across the country are navigating disruptions in their work and home lives while also stepping in as partners in their children’s education in new ways.

And teachers are also having to come up with creative ways to continue students’ learning.

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