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Teachers Talk About the MET Project

Hear teachers talk about why multiple measures of effective teaching are so important and find additional resources and research supporting this multi-year project.

Teachers Talk About Evaluations

Teachers Talk About Video Feedback

Resulting Research Reports and Practitioner Publications

In addition to the MET 9 Principles, our partners also released progress reports during the research and analysis of the MET project. The reports explore the following questions:
  • Can measures of effective teaching identify teachers who better help students learn?
  • How much weight should be placed on each measure of effective teaching when combining classroom observations, student surveys, and student achievement gains?
  • How can teachers be assured trustworthy results from classroom observations?

New Tools to Support Teachers in Elevating their Practice

States and districts can use this blueprint to build their own classroom observation systems that support better teaching and student learning. These libraries house more than 1,500 teaching videos collected during the MET project. Students in participating teachers’ classrooms completed surveys about their teachers’ ability to engage them in course material. The MET-Tripod student feedback survey was the primary survey used in the MET project.

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