Better feedback for better teaching: A practical guide to improving classroom observations

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A new book, Better Feedback for Better Teaching, offers practical guidance for  improving observer training, assessment, and monitoring so all educators can benefit from trustworthy observations that provide them with meaningful, accurate, and actionable feedback. A PDF version of the book is available for download. Better Feedback for Better Teaching is intended for anyone responsible for the quality of teacher observation, by addressing:

  • How to build a shared understanding of an observation instrument’s criteria for effective teaching
  • How to “pre-score” videos of teaching for use in observer training and assessment
  • How to develop observers’ abilities to record, organize, and interpret relevant and objective evidence from a lesson
  • How to assess observers on their observation and feedback skills, and how to use the results to improve those skills
  • How to monitor observations over time, to make sure teachers are getting accurate and meaningful feedback
Better Feedback for Better Teaching is based on the knowledge of key partners in the Measures of Effective Teaching (MET) project—which carried out one of the largest studies ever of classroom observations—and of states, districts, and charter management organizations at the leading edge of high-quality observation. Including former teachers, instructional leaders, and researchers, some of the book’s co-authors helped the MET project train 900 educators to assess thousands of lessons recorded by teacher volunteers. Download a PDF version of the book.