Back to school: Always learning


At the foundation, we believe it shouldn’t matter where you are from, how much money you have, or what color your skin is—every student should have the same opportunity to succeed. That’s why—as Melinda explains—our foundation has always invested in public schools and always will.

We’ve learned a lot over the years about the challenges of improving student outcomes. Great teachers—who understand their students’ needs better than anyone—and other school leaders are critical to student improvement because they have a front row seat to moments of discovery in their students’ learning.

That’s why this Back to School season we’re celebrating the hard work of teachers and schools and their commitment to ensuring students are learning in every class, every day. By engaging students, and using data and information, teachers are #AlwaysLearning about what’s working to help each student succeed.

Learn more, including about our new Networks for School Improvement grants. And join us in celebrating teachers and schools this Back to School season. Use the hashtag #AlwaysLearning and share some of the things you’re looking forward to focusing on and improving this school year—as a parent, a teacher, a student or an organization.