Middle years math

We invest in bold ideas and practices seeking to significantly improve the trajectory of student learning outcomes in mathematics through long-term innovation, research, and development. Centered on the needs of students who are Black, Latino, and/or experiencing poverty in grades 3-9, our investments are designed to build inclusive learning environments, strengthen teacher practice, and ensure students are engaged and challenged in math.

Investment Priorities

Our investments in this area focus on the following areas:
Supporting research and development and scale of high-quality math tutoring programs
Support R & D to drive down the cost of tutoring without sacrificing student outcomes, and in response to COVID, expand R&D to support an increase of tutoring both in COVID recovery and beyond.
Developing and piloting innovations centered on Algebra 1 success
Continue the new Grand Challenge that encourages development of innovations to radically transform and rethink Algebra 1 for priority students. In 2021, we will be selecting eight to 10 awardees to pilot their innovations in schools.
Integrating executive function development within math learning to dramatically improve student outcomes
The EF+Math program, an inclusive discovery and development program has the goal of dramatically improving math outcomes for students in grades three through eight, focusing on the foundational skills necessary for learning: executive functions combined with mathematics.