Economic Mobility and Opportunity Strategy Fact Sheet

Smiling woman wearing apron

Through our Economic Mobility and Opportunity Strategy, we are investing $460 million over four years to help our economic system perform better for people experiencing poverty. We’re doing that work through partnership and coordination across three pillars: Making Lives Better Now by improving people’s short-term economic stability while on their way to long-term financial security; Creating and Sharing User-friendly Tools and Insights with governments, businesses, and organizations closest to impacting our focus population; and Bringing Together Partners Across Sectors toward a shared vision for economic mobility in this country.

We know that many organizations have been partnering with governments and businesses for years to improve economic outcomes in their communities, and we continue to learn from those organizations and our partners as we do this work. Our hope is to galvanize the field around a shared vision and encourage more partnerships that help individuals and families achieve financial security, independence to shape their future, and feeling a sense of belonging in a community where they are valued—making our country’s economy stronger and advancing the economic well-being of everyone.