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Colleagues, We are entering a season that offers plenty of opportunities for stress—the usual year-end rush of deadlines and holidays, compounded this year by an election season like no other and an ongoing pandemic.

But it is also a season that offers cause for optimism. In the past several weeks, I have seen inspiring examples of creativity, collaboration and commitment in our field, all in service of more equitable outcomes for our students.

  • Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) are joining together to help protect their students and communities through expanded and sustained COVID-19 diagnostic testing.
  • The Postsecondary Value Commission is taking on the growing question of “What is college worth?” by proposing a definition of value that puts equity at the center and focuses on both a better living and a better life.
  • Institutions serving Latino students are being recognized for the strides they are making in boosting outcomes and the innovation that is driving those results.

Keep reading for more information about these efforts, which we are proud to support because they show higher education at its best and will pay off well into the future. And I encourage you to take a few minutes in the coming days to find a pocket of optimism or two in your part of the world.

Patrick Methvin

Featured Stories

  • HBCU/COVID-19 Testing Grants

    The foundation recently announced $15 million in grants for up to 10 Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) to serve as COVID-19 diagnostic test processing hubs, which will support rapid, effective testing for an expanded set of HBCUs and their communities. U.S. Program president Allan Golston explains why this investment – a first of its kind collaboration of the foundation’s education and global health teams – matters for advancing equity in higher education.
  • Defining Equitable Value

    Americans are increasingly asking the question “What is college worth?” The Postsecondary Value Commission is committed to helping answer that question, with a focus on equitable outcomes for today’s students. Check out the commission’s latest video, which tackles the question of how to define the value of education after high school.
  • Excellence in Serving Latino Students

    Excelencia in Education recently recognized five colleges and universities with the Seal of Excelencia for their commitment to leadership, evidence-based practices, and positive momentum in student progress and spotlighted four campus- and community-based programs as Examples of Excelencia for their efforts and results in advancing Latino students in college and careers.