Postsecondary Success Notes | Staying resilient during COVID-19


I hope that you are staying safe and well and are finding points of encouragement and even inspiration in these difficult days.

For me, encouragement and inspiration have come in a couple of ways. One is the outpouring of empathy, care, and counsel that has come from leaders of all kinds this graduation season. Many of you likely saw former President Obama’s message to HBCU graduates in the “Show Me Your Walk” celebration, which started with one of our partners (Michael Sorrell of Paul Quinn College) and featured graduates from our Frontier Set colleges and universities.

Another is the speed and creativity our partners are employing to help our most vulnerable students amid this global health and economic crisis. Institutions like Lorain County Community College and many others are showing that the investments they have made in student-centered innovation are helping themselves and their students become more resilient in the face of an uncertain future. And partners such as the National College Attainment Network and others are mobilizing to ensure that today’s students have the information and support they need to keep moving toward their goals. Keep reading to learn more about those efforts.

In the coming weeks, I’ll provide more information about our work in the areas of holistic student support, quality teaching and learning, student mobility, and institutional viability. We are working quickly to deploy more than $11 million of investments in those areas.

To say these are difficult times is an understatement. But these are also times when the best of our enterprise can shine through, and we can already see it starting to happen.

Patrick Methvin

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