K-12 Momentum: March 2020

Dear friends,

At the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, we believe every student deserves a great education, and we’re taking a step forward to support students with mild and moderate disabilities in charter schools. 

We are investing over $10 million to launch the Charter Students with Disabilities Pilot Community — a cohort of 10 charter management organizations (CMO) that will work together with a common aim of improving the systems, learning experiences, and outcomes for their middle and high school students with disabilities. These grantees join additional partners who work on behalf of students in special education like the National Center for Learning Disabilities, Eye to Eye, The Center for Special Education in Charter Schools, among others. You can learn more about the Pilot Community here

In this initial phase, we will focus on charter schools. We believe that the charter sector — with its origins as innovators for the education field — can leverage its autonomy, flexibility, and commitment to equity to address this challenge. This is a small part of our larger portfolio across all sectors designed to identify, implement, and adapt evidence-based practices that positively move the needle and ensure ALL students are successful.  

I’m excited to learn from our grantees — and to move closer to the day when students with disabilities get the education they deserve.
Bob Hughes


  • Do You Have Five Minutes?

    Are you a teacher, principal, or district staff member? Ever wish researchers and decision makers were more closely aligned to your everyday challenges? We want to hear from you! Please complete our confidential short survey (~5-10 minutes) to do just that. 
  • A Matchmaker for Students

    One of our Networks for School Improvement, Achieve Atlanta, with Atlanta Public Schools, launched the Match & Fit List Builder, a first-of-its-kind online college advising tool. It’s designed to put students in the driver's seat to “match” with varied postsecondary options so they choose the best “fit” for them.

  • An Update on Networks for School Improvement

    Check out what’s been happening with the Networks for School Improvement strategy from launch until now, as well as what is next in building out this work with partners.  
  • Principals Need More Support to Help Students with Disabilities

    The American Educator Panels analyzed survey results from 1,679 principals and found most of them — especially those serving primarily students of color — believe that their schools could do a better job supporting students with disabilities — of which there are 6.7 million in the U.S. 
  • All People Are Math People

    Recent exam results show U.S. teens rank 31st in the world in math literacy. These results feed into the common refrain heard everywhere: “I’m not a math person.” Why do people say this? Our K-12 team talked to students, teachers, parents, researchers and policy makers to address this question. 

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