Some delectable pieces from pi day

Every March 14, or 3/14 or 3.14, is Pi Day in celebration and honor of the mathematical constant pi (π), the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter which calculates to 3.14159... and on and on and on. In mathematics, Pi is celebrated for its unique and crucial role. It is an irrational number - with digits extending infinitely without any predictable pattern. We need Pi across mathematics and formulas, including trigonometry, calculus, statistics, and physics. It's integral to descriptions of waves, exponential growth, and much more.

Our K-12 Education team is focused on a vision that all students graduate high school skilled in the math they need to be successful in higher education, the workforce and life. With investments aimed to support teachers and students with high-quality instructional materials and aligned professional learning, Pi Day brought out the math content we love to see. There are jokes. There is pie. There is deep pedagogical support. On Pi Day, our partners in the field shared some fantastic resources and we want to help them live on. Read on for some more bites.

  • @NCTM: "Happy Pi Day! 🥧 How will you be celebrating today? Bonus points if you show us a pic of your classroom setup! 🤩 #PiDay"
  • @TeachingLab: "Happy #PiDay! 🥧 Cheers to educators who bring creativity and endless possibilities to math. Elevate engagement in your classroom with these instructional strategies: games, real-world applications, and collaboration here:"
  • @Sesame Street: Today's number of the day is 3.14159! Happy #PiDay! 💜🔢
  • @zearned: "Brainy + pie = infinite laughs. Happy Pi Day! 🥧 #ITeachMath"
  • @The74: "Are you smarter than this grade schooler? Three things you probably don't know about Pi Day"
  • @dsforeveryone: "Happy Pi Day!!🥧 Keep your students' Pi Day celebration going all day by finding, coding, and calculating Pi with these resources from our friends at @CodeHS, @callysto_canada, and @youcubed! You can find all of the handy links here:"

Download: Making Math Visible Resource

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