Room to run: student stories from TNTP

TNTP roomtorun header

TNTP’s Room to Run takes a look at what is possible when students have access to schoolwork that challenges and inspires them. To do this, TNTP asked those who know best: students.

In Room to Run, a multimedia feature, TNTP highlights the stories of five students, like Abril, a second-grader in Reno, Nevada who despite struggling with reading (writing and math come more easily to her), is completely captivated by her teachers lessons on the Civil War. Abril is building knowledge while developing reading, writing, speaking and listening skills, helping to deepen her literacy skills. And Martin, a junior in Ruskin, Florida who once thought pre-calculus was out of reach but is now confident he can excel. Martin hopes to be the first in his family to go to college.


Abril, Martin, Shatavia, Ashley and David, the students TNTP spotlights, show us that when students have access to challenging assignments and standards-aligned instruction, they have the opportunity to stretch to reach their full potential. That’s why districts are adopting higher academic standards for students. Learn more about each of these students in Room to Run.