Back to school: Listen to the teachers


It’s that time of year—Back to School!  A time of great possibility and excitement for students and their families. Beginning this week and extending through mid-September, students across the United States will be headed back to school and a new year of opportunity and learning.

At the Foundation, we have a passion for America’s public schools and know that teachers are the experts on teaching—they know the most about what works best in the classroom. There’s no better time of year than now to ask teachers about what they need to succeed for the year ahead and beyond. Bill and Melinda Gates did just that in a series of interviews they conducted in preparation for Back to School.

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“…If more of us entered into conversations with teachers and got to hear them talk about what’s possible for our kids and our classrooms, we’d be a lot more optimistic about education. I know I am.” – Melinda Gates

Infectious enthusiasm

By Melinda Gates What makes a great teacher great? It’s a good question at any time of year, but as teachers return to their classrooms in the weeks ahead, postering their walls and preparing their lesson plans, it’s a great time to focus on great teachers and great teaching, since there’s lots of evidence that it makes all the difference to student success. Read more >
Teachers Deserve Video

“Teaching is about relationships”

Read Bill Gate’s account of meeting Lyon Terry, the 2015 Teacher of the Year, the value of mistakes, and the importance of listening to teachers.
Lyon Terry Video

Teachers who tweet

There are 3 million teachers in the United States, and they do almost all of their work on their own—teaching students, preparing lessons, solving problems—because their colleagues are down the hall in their own classrooms, doing the same thing. Read about how social media is breaking down silos then watch Melinda’s conversation with teacher leaders to hear about the tools and resources they need to best support their students.

Teachers Who Tweet Video