Early Learning Solutions Webinar Series

The Gates Foundation’s Early Learning Solutions team hosts regular webinars that highlight the educators, preschool leaders, researchers, and other partners who are working to spark joyful learning in children and set them up for lifelong success.


When you think about the magic that happens in preschools, data might not be the first thing that comes to mind. But when used safely and intentionally, data can help unlock better experiences for children, families, and educators.

For example, data can tell leaders who is accessing public preschool systems and which communities need additional high-quality preschool options. Insights that uncover how children and families are being served can help preschool systems focus on where resources are needed most.

Join the Gates Foundation and partners for a conversation about the role data can play in creating supportive preschool programs.

  • Get examples that show how leaders can use the Framework to make decisions that center the experiences of diverse children and families.
  • Hear from state and local leaders on how they plan to use the Framework to answer pressing questions about their preschool programs through the Harvard Strategic Data Project.

Don't miss this opportunity to discover how data can help create thriving preschool programs for all.

Meet the Webinar Hosts

Snow Li (she/her)
Senior Program Officer, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Snow Li is a senior program officer on the Gates Foundation's Early Learning team, where she focuses on early learning data systems and assessments. Snow was a former special education teacher and a member of the Assessment Team at ANet, where she designed early elementary assessments, instructional resources, and professional development.

Cristal Cisneros (she/ella)
Senior Director, Evaluation and Impact, Denver Preschool Program

Cristal Cisneros was born and raised in NW Indiana and is a first-generation Mexican and former Head Start student who knows first-hand how important quality preschool is for our youngest learners. She wore a variety of hats in the ECE profession as a teacher, home visitor, infant supervisor, mentor-coach, community liaison, administration, and specialist for Denver Public Schools. As the senior director of evaluation and impact for the Denver Preschool Program, she is excited to continue deconstructing systems of oppression so that all of our youngest learners have equitable access to high-quality early childhood education.

Carlise King (she/her)
Executive Director, Child Trends

Carlise King serves as the executive director of the Early Childhood Data Collaborative at Child Trends, where she concentrates on policies and practices that promote the development of coordinated early childhood data across departments of education, social services, and public health to inform policy decisions. With a career spanning 24 years, Carlise has conducted research in California and nationally on early childhood issues. Her work includes examining the impact of state and federal policies on parents' access to child care services, licensed child care supply, child care costs, and the child care workforce.

Rebecca Marshall (she/her)
Senior Manager, Harvard Strategic Data Project

Rebecca Marshall is the senior manager for the Strategic Data Project, housed at the Center for Education Policy Research at Harvard University. In this role, she leads the SDP Fellowship, which supports education data leaders across the sector in generating insights in and making organizational change from within their education agencies. Prior to SDP and CEPR, Rebecca worked as a data strategist in the Delaware Department of Education where she oversaw the development of the state's first educator preparation program reports.

Adrienne Murphy (she/her)
Director, Data Analytics, Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care

Adrienne Murphy is the director of data analytics at the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care (EEC), where she manages a team of analysts to support the agency in making data-driven program and policy decisions. Prior to her work at EEC, Adrienne worked at the Center for Education Policy Research at Harvard University, including supporting the Strategic Data Project's expansion into higher education. Adrienne also previously worked at the state's PK-12 state education agency, and she began her career as a classroom educator, teaching 6th grade in South Texas.

Lilla Pivnick (she/her)
Senior Advisor, Early Childhood Education, Harvard Strategic Data Project

Lilla Pivnick is a research associate II at WestEd and a senior advisor of early childhood education for Harvard's Strategic Data Project. Lilla previously served as an SDP Fellow with the Tennessee Department of Education's Early Learning Division, where she focused on equitable access to high-quality ECE and supporting children, families/caregivers, and educators during the transition from preschool into kindergarten.


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