We connect people in the education and economic systems to build their capacity, find solutions to complex problems, and work together to implement them.

We Create Opportunity in Education and Economic Mobility

Our education and economic systems don’t work well for everyone, particularly students of color, first-generation students, and students experiencing poverty. We work with educators, local and institutional leaders, and state and federal policymakers to support efforts that transform schools, systems, and society in order to create life-changing opportunities for learning, growth, and prosperity.
K-12 Education
Supporting educators and district leaders in K-12 public schools in their work to improve student outcomes for Black, Latino and students from low-income backgrounds.
Postsecondary Success
Transforming colleges and universities to increase student success and make sure that race, ethnicity, and income are not predictors of that success.
Economic Mobility and Opportunity
Economic Mobility and Opportunity
Helping our economic systems perform better and increasing opportunities for those experiencing poverty to achieve economic security.
Supporting students in navigating key transition points to ensure success in school and into their careers.

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The Math Classroom All Students Deserve

When students experience math in the way we know is possible and have seen in excellent math classrooms—as relevant and engaging—their interest, motivation, and persistence are evident. That is the math classroom we want all students to find themselves in.
Bob Hughes Director, K-12 Education, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Real collaboration drives real change.

Discover our Education to Workforce Framework

The Education to Workforce Framework offers guidance for translating data into action in order to support students.

Our work in North America 

The North America team focuses on securing funding and improving the effectiveness of policy and advocacy efforts in the United States and Canada to reduce inequity and ensure that all lives have equal value.